We Are An In-House Whole Solution Provider for BE-1900D and 747-200 Training Programs!

We have the only full 14 CFR Part 60 Level D Beechcraft 1900D simulator currently in operation. Nobody else can say that – no other training facility, nor the manufacturer themselves.

ATS offers some of the most modern facilities for pilots wanting to train for the BE-1900D aircraft. We have everything you need; from Instructor-Led Ground School classes, Cockpit Mock-up Trainers (CMT’s), and our Level-6 Certified Flight Training Device with full simulation capabilities. Our programs go beyond the standard books. We utilize video & computer based training, as well as time in the Fixed-Base Simulator to supplement your overall training.

ATS now offers 747-200 training courses for all three crew positions; Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Flight Engineer. Our course ware for the 200 includes computer-based web training for at home study, ground school with an instructor, and simulator times which vary slightly based on which role you are training for.

Since Air Training Support is the FAA sponsor for the simulators, you do not have to go any further than down the hall to get into one of our 6-Axis Full Motion Level C or D Simulators.

  • Facilities
  • Beech 1900D Level C Sim
  • Beech 1900D Level 6 FTD
  • Beech 1900D Level D Sim
  • Boeing 747-200 Sim
  • Simulator Leasing

We have everything you need.

  • Technically advanced classrooms with wall mounted exploded cockpit diagrams and ceiling-mounted projectors for presentations.
  • Briefing/debriefing rooms with large wall mounted exploded cockpit diagrams.
  • Large conference room.
  • Cockpit Mock-up Trainers (CMT’s).
  • Level-6 FTD for fully functional cockpit ground training.
  • Large lounge/break room with a refrigerator, coffee maker and a soft-drink vending machine.
  • Guest computer with internet access.
  • Guest WiFi network to connect your mobile devices to the web.

  • Air Training Support is the FAA sponsor for the simulator.
  • Full Motion 6-Axis (6DOF) Level C Simulator.
  • 150° Hi-Resolution Visual System.
  • On site simulator technicians.

  • Air Training Support is the FAA sponsor for the simulator.
  • Ground-Based Level 6 Simulator.
  • 150° Hi-Resolution Visual System with 2k LCD Displays.
  • On site simulator technicians.

  • Air Training Support is the FAA sponsor for the simulator.
  • High Frequency Response Full Motion 6-Axis (6DOF) Level D Simulator.
  • Seamless 180° Hi-Resolution Visual System, featuring laser phosphor-illuminated projectors.
  • The first, and currently the only Beechcraft 1900D simulator to be certified under full FAA part 60 regulations.

  • NASA-Owned 747 Classic Simulator – ATS maintains and provides FAA sponsorship for the sim.
  • Full Motion 6-Axis (6DOF) Level C Simulator.
  • 150° Hi-Resolution Visual System, with upgraded projection displays.
  • We have initial and recurrent training programs for all three crew member seats: captain, first officer and flight engineer positions.

Our level 6 FTD, and our level C or level D full flight simulators may be leased by airlines, corporations or individuals to provide simulator training, indoctrination, refresher, FAA check rides or training in any approved programs.

  • ATS Inc. can provide Instructors, as well as Captain or First Officer additional crew members as required.
  • ATS, upon request will provide all materials necessary.
  • We can work with your training departments to develop differences courses or integrate your own training programs to fit your needs.

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    V.P. of Operations